We Press Toward

We work with the aim of ‘Evangelizing India’ in Indian villages where the gospel hasn’t reached yet and also among church congregations for their true repentance and spiritual growth. Gospel is being preached in its true form without fear or favour. Charity works are also being carried out without affecting the ultimate aim – Evangelization. We also enhance the birth, growth and perfection of souls such that they reach their eternal destiny.
“We press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” – Philip 3:14


Mission Fields

What We Do

We work in concurrence with our own church, respecting other churches and other missionary organizations. From the day of inception, we are dedicated to spread the gospel throughout the nation. Currently we have 80+ missionaries and 45 field representatives, serving a total of 21 states of India. Our eminent mission team carries out various charitable activities to improve the quality of life for homeless and illiterate people. Our team has set up appropriate strategies for vocational training; improving community health and free education for deserved groups and those children who live under difficult circumstances. We provide leadership; missionary training programs and bible school for those who are dedicated to study god’s words and gospel services.

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The voice of St. Paul’s Mission. Blessed with special articles for children, youth, and adults.

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Starting on all Second Sundays at 5.00pm and ends at then coming Fridays 1.00pm

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“Sin destroys man; our Saviour & Lord Jesus Christ saves us. Let us hold fast Jesus Christ who redeems us from sin. Jacobite Syrian Church is growing in India by the work of St. Paul’s Mission of India, the only missionary organization of our Church preaching the Good news among the unreached. It is the duty of our beloved children in Christ to pray and support this great service. All our blessings and wishes to the Mission. God bless you.”

H B Baselious Thomas I Catholicose

“For the last 21 years, Mission serves among the people who haven’t heard of Jesus Christ, the true and only living God. Thousands of people in India have accepted Jesus Christ in their life by the work of the Mission. As a person who got the opportunities to visit many Mission fields, I can share the precious moments with you. Each believer shall be a missionary. It is every believer’s responsibility to support and pray for this organization.”

H G Dr. Geevarghese Mar Coorilose Metropolitan