Our Growth and Development

Jesus told His disciples – “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” and thus St. Thomas reached India with the Gospel. It’s been 2000 years after that, but yet the Gospel hasn’t reached all places. St. Paul’s Mission of India is a missionary organization which works to achieve this goal.

God in His great mercy have given us a role in this great task for which we adore him a lot. Mission is always ready to provide facilities for gathering and worshipping Lord for those who have accepted Him and we have already opened 16 churches and many temporary churches across India for them. Even though our prime aim is to preach the Gospel of Christ, we are also ready to provide them what they need for a standard life. But still the prime objective remains unchanged -‘ Evangelizing India’.

Founded on 26th May 1994, St. Paul’s Mission of India was the result of continuous prayers and sufferings of few men guided by God. Initially the Mission was a small prayer group, which now has grown into a large organization serving not only in 21 states across India but also in Nepal.

Being the only missionary organization under The Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, we are committed to obey our mother church with all due respect. Also we honour other churches and organization having the same vision and mission.

Our missionaries serve in Indian villages where the Gospel haven’t reached yet while we have another group of people working in parishes across India. The main aim of this ministry is to preach the Gospel of our Lord Christ in its true form. Mission is mainly working amidst those who are illiterate and poor, enriching them with The Gospel and thus giving them a chance to know the ‘Truth’ and to live a life pleasing God.

Providing true light for those who are under darkness has been the aim of this ministry since beginning. We have been drawing them out of evil customs and foolish traditions, bringing their lives up to the mainstream of the society and helping them to hold tight to Jesus. So all those who worry about those millions who die without Christ must remember this ministry in their prayers. Understand and know that you are also part of this ministry by praying and by supporting us.

Mission gratefully remember and thank all those who have supported and prayed for us – individuals, fellowships and churches.

It was in September 1996 that we started our first field at Attappady, a tribal village in Palakkad district. The second field was opened at Panathur, a small village in Kasaragod district in the year of 1997 and the third was opened at Hulluhalli in 1998. Today God has helped us to start more than 400 stations in 21 various states and also in Nepal, through this humble venture, thousands and thousands accept Christ as their saviour.

It’s been 21 years since we started and when we look back we can’t believe what God has accomplished through us. And we thank Lord for the unceasing love and mercy that He have showered upon us since the very beginning. We also thank all others who have been praying and helping us ever since.

While looking forward, we see a lot of hurdles and sufferings ahead us. But no matter what happens around us, no matter what changes come in the world – political or social, no matter who stays or leaves, we will keep doing what He has asked us to do, what He showed us through his life. Because it’s He Who died for us in the cross, it’s He who loves us and it’s He who told us that He will come back for us.

‘Thus far has the lord helped us’ (1 Samuel 7:12). And because of his holy guidance we have reached thus far but yet we have a long way ahead of us to tread. And only if we pray and stay together we can complete this. And we are sure that India will be with Jesus in the near future, this is our hope and prayer. May God bless us all. Amen.