What We Do

We work in concurrence with our own church, respecting other churches and other missionary organizations. From the day of inception, we are dedicated to spread the gospel throughout the nation. Currently we have 70+ missionaries and 35 field representatives, serving a total of 21 states of India. Our eminent mission team carries out various charitable activities to improve the quality of life for homeless and illiterate people. Our team has set up appropriate strategies for vocational training; improving community health and free education for deserved groups and those children who live under difficult circumstances. We provide leadership; missionary training programs and bible school for those who are dedicated to study god’s words and gospel services.

It’s not just Preaching

Missionary services are being done along with charity schemes inclusive of the well being and upliftment of the society. Efforts are being made to reach everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion or language. Following are the missions of this ministry apart from preaching the Gospel.

  • Orphanages and Old Age Homes
  • Schools and Hostels for The Poor
  • Vocational Training Centres
  • Rehabilitation Centres and Housing Aids for Homeless
  • Adoption of Poor and Sick
  • Marriage Support for Poor
  • Medical Camps and Awareness Classes
  • Promotion of Blood and Organ Donation
  • Counselling Facilities and More