Our eminent mission team carries out various charitable activities to improve the quality of life for homeless and illiterate people. Our team has set up appropriate strategies for vocational training; improving community health and free education for deserved groups and uplift those who live below poverty line and pathetic living conditions. We provide rice and other food materials at the time of famine especially at heavy rainy season and distribute clothing to the needy. Various medical camps are also conducted in remote villages.

We Serve

Missionary services are being done along with charity schemes inclusive of the wellbeing and upliftment of the society. Efforts are being made to reach everyone irrespective of cast, creed, religion or language. Following are the missions of this ministry apart from preaching the Gospel.

  • Orphanages and Old Age Homes
  • School and Hostel
  • Vocational Training Centres
  • Rehabilitation Centres and Housing Aids for Homeless
  • Adoption of Poor and Sick
  • Marriage Support for Poor
  • Medical Camps and Awareness Classes
  • Promotion of Blood and Organ Donation
  • Counselling Facilities and More


We have a school named ‘Moriya Public School’ (recognised by Kerala Govt.) at Attapadi in which 185 students are studying. The students there in tribal areas have no other facilities to have formal education. And Mission is devoted to provide the same. Food, Clothing and study materials for the students are given free of cost. We thank all those hands extended for this ministry. Also we are supporting the poor students in other mission fields in their study, food etc.

Old Age Homes

“For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother’, and, ‘whoever reviles father or mother must surely die’” (Matthew 15:4 ESV). Avoiding parents when they are old has been a very common scene these days. And there should be someone to give a shelter for them. Mission Old age Home situated at Odackaly in Ernakulam District has taken this mission. Mission provides all their needs such as food, clothing and medical care. Many good hearts have come forward stretching helping hands to these lovely parents. If you can visit them once you get time, will gift them many good moments to remember.


“For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in” (Psalms 27:10 ESV). Mission runs a chain of orphanages named ‘Grace Bhavan’ where institutional children stay and study. Grace Bhavan for girls is located at Attapady and that for boys is at Hulluhalli. 75 children stay in these orphanages in total. Also we have a boy’s hostel at Attapady. Children there grow happily with all they need. When our Children go to school, please also remember these children too. Two wings that we would be happy to close will be orphanages and old age homes. But that is not because we don’t love these parents and children but because we know that the love of own children and parents cannot be replaced with anyone else’s love. So let’s pray for the coming generations to hold family values tight.

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