Karnataka is a state in south western region of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956, with the passage of the States Reorganisation Act. Originally known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The capital and largest city is Bangalore (Bengaluru). Karnataka is bordered by the Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea to the west, Goa to the north west, Maharashtra to the north, Telangana to the North east, Andhra Pradesh to the east, Tamil Nadu to the south east, and Kerala to the south west. The state covers an area of 191,976 square kilometres (74,122 sq mi), or 5.83 per cent of the total geographical area of India. It is the seventh largest Indian state by area. With 61,130,704 inhabitants at the 2011 census, Karnataka is the eighth largest state by population, comprising 30 districts. Kannada is the most widely spoken and official language of the state.

Missionary Fields

  • Hulluhalli
  • Gigani
  • Gundalpetta

Field Gallery

Field Details


This field is one among the first fields we started and it was started in 1998. Missionaries C T Kuriakose and wife Sherly Kuriakose renders their priceless service here for 15 villages around the Centre. More than 275 people come to the Chapel here on every Sunday. A boy’s orphanage named ‘Grace Bhavan’ is at service here.


Initially this field was started as a Bible college for the believers in the Hulluhalli field and then was turned into another missionary field. This field was opened in 2005 and today missionary service of C K Sunny and Daisy Sunny is given in 30 nearby villages. More 350 people come to the Chapel here for worship.


This field was opened in 2014 and missionaries David and Madesh is at service here in 3 villages.

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